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Our Protection Options

Below is a list of all of the different Ceramic Coating options we offer here at GreenTree Auto Styling. We can protect virtually every square inch of your vehicle! We also have protection options for more than just commuter cars.. That's right! We have industrial Coating options to protect your Heavy Equipment, SXS's, Lawn Mowers and virtually anything else you can dream up!

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Entry-Level Paint Coating

Ecocoat EZ is a low solids, high gloss, graphene reinforced formula. It is a perfect introductory level coating for automotive enthusiasts looking to venture into Ceramic Coatings. Reinforced with graphene, Ecocoat EZ has a hardness rating of 8H on the pencil scale, is durable up to 12 months, and has improved water spotting and chemical resistance. It also boasts of a better slip angle and improved hydrophobic properties and gloss compared to other single-layer coatings.

Ceramic Coating Near Me

Pro-Level Paint Coating

Ecocoat Kenzo is our flagship High-Solids Ceramic Coating which pioneered the 100% active material formulation for Ceramic Coatings. Synthesized using the latest nanotechnology and graphene nano-platelets, Graphene-Reinforced Kenzo has a durability of up to 5 years, a high resistance to water-spots, and unmatched clarity and gloss that radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscent of a bespoke wax. Its thick 10H hardness layer protects 12 times longer than waxes.

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Ceramic Coating Near Me

Wheel Coating

ecocoat Wheel is a REACH compliant Ceramic Coating for wheels, and contains more than 90% active material in its formula. It forms an interlocking glass-like finish on the molecular level with amazing protection. The result is the Ceramic Coated surface that has great resistance against high temperature brake dust, micro marring, chemical attacks and staining that will last for up to 1 year.

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Plastic Trim Coating

ecocoat Trim is an advanced Ceramic Coating formulated to protect the trim, rubber and plastic surfaces on your car. It is a highly reactive Ceramic Coating based on nanotechnology that instantly impregnates and forms a chemical bond which crosslinks the coated surface and restores the faded color in the plastic surface. The result is a rejuvenated, enriched and protected surface that will resist fading for up to 2 years.

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Headlight Coating

ecocoat Headlight is a highly effective, UV absorbing and gloss enhancing Ceramic Coating for polycarbonate headlights. Utilizing nanotechnology, the coating adheres to the headlight on the molecular level and crosslinks to create a glass-like layer. The result is that micro marring becomes hidden, and it increases clarity and absorbs UV for up to 1 year.

Ceramic Coating Near Escanaba

Window Coating

ecocoat Window is a Ceramic Coating based on nanotechnology designed for all glass surfaces, glazed ceramics, smooth polycarbonates or plastics. It creates a super water repellent surface, prevents water spots and is resistant to high wiper-wear by modifying the surface. The result is safer driving conditions during heavy rain, due to the rain water gliding off the surface as you drive. The coated surface repels rain, dirt and increases the defrosting speeds for up to 1 year.

Ceramic Coating Near Escanaba

Interior Fabric Coating

ecocoat Fabric is a 100% breathable, water based, zero VOC silica coating. Utilizing nanotechnology, it creates an invisible layer which covers each individual fiber of the textile to repel undesirable liquid, dirt and UV-radiation. The result is protection against unwanted liquids, dirt and stains without altering the flexibility, appearance or odor of the coated surface.

Ceramic Coating Near Escanaba

Leather Coating

ecocoat leather is a REACH compliant 100% breathable, low VOC, non-etching silica coating. It crosslinks with the surface of the leather to create an invisible layer that repels undesirable liquid, dirt, dye and UV-radiation. It can be applied on virtually any treated leather. The result is protection against unwanted liquids, dirt and stains without altering the flexibility, appearance or texture of the coated surface.

Escanaba Ceramic Coating

Industrial Coating

ecocoat Eclipse is a Ceramic Coating which is formulated specifically for the extremely demanding industrial applications involving hazardous chemicals, oil & gas and cement that requires good releasing property and chemical agent resistance. Synthesized using the latest nanotechnology, ecocoat Eclipse creates a Ceramic Coated surface that reduces the need for maintenance and cleaning. Perfect for your Lawn Mower, Heavy Equipment, your SXS, and tons of other applications!

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