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IGL Kenzo
Our Flagship Ceramic Coating!

There is a reason why thousands and thousands of professional Auto Detailers gravitate toward partnering with IGL Coatings. That reason can be answered in one word: Innovation!

Below, you will see a ton of information regarding IGL Kenzo - The multi-award winning Ceramic Coating that has completely changed the name of the game on multiple occasions! 


Escanaba Ceramic Coating Cerakote Ceramic Pro IGL

An Overview

Ecocoat Kenzo, our flagship coating, pioneered the 10H hardness worldwide and is the benchmark of ultra-lux ceramic coatings.

IGL Coatings heavily invests in innovation. Graphene reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo is the culmination of 3 years of intensive research and development in an effort to improve the already world-renowned coating. Synthesized using the latest nanotechnology and graphene nanoplatelets, the new and improved Ecocoat Kenzo is more durable and has increased resistance against harsh weather, making it one of the most sought after coatings in the industry.


Escanaba Ceramic Coating Cerakote Ceramic Pro IGL


The new and improved formula raises the bar with an unmatched hydrophobicity with a water contact angle of up to 120°, creating the tight beading effect that Kenzo is renowned for. Its extreme hydrophobicity creates a better self-cleaning surface, repelling dirt and other contaminants easily, improving ease of maintenance


Escanaba Ceramic Coating Cerakote Ceramic Pro IGL

Gloss and Clarity

Our signature coating is renowned worldwide for its extraordinary gloss, mirror finish and absolute clarity. In its reformulation, IGL focused greatly to improve upon its strengths without any compromise to hardness or clarity, leaving Ecocoat Kenzo’s unique satin soft slickness and glow unmatched.


Escanaba Ceramic Coating Cerakote Ceramic Pro IGL

High Solids, Zero VOC

Ecocoat Kenzo is formulated with a higher resin concentration with Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). With the reduced solvents, the coverage area significantly increases with an almost zero loss from shrinkage - when less is more. Unlike low solids formulas that require more layers, Ecocoat Kenzo achieves perfection in a simple 2-step Base Coat and Top Coat application.


Escanaba Ceramic Coating Cerakote Ceramic Pro IGL

Durability & Protection

The addition of the graphene nanoplatelets improves the adhesion of Kenzo Base onto surfaces, creating a stronger and more durable coating. Tested against 70,000 scrub cycles (an evaluation to the wear and tear of a coating) the new and improved Graphene Reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo has raised its durability by 20%, to an impressive durability rating of up to 5 years, protecting your prized assets for longer.


Delta County Ceramic Pro Cerakote IGL Ceramic Coating

Increased Resistance

Due to the graphene nanoplatelet’s unique size and morphology, it is especially effective at providing enhanced barrier properties. This uniqueness improves the coating’s mechanical properties such as stiffness, strength, and surface hardness, enhancing and increasing the coating’s resistance against harsh weather, water-spotting and chemicals.

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