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What you didn't know about Plastic Restoration

When it comes to plastic restoration there are A LOT of products on the market. It can be very easy to throw away hundreds of dollars testing products to find out what actually works and has lasting results. The good news on that front is that we have already wasted the hundreds of dollars doing that research for you! I’m going to go over some of the wrong ways to restore your plastics and introduce you to the most amazing product on the market for plastic restoration.

I want to go over some of the don’ts about plastic restoration first. The biggest 'don’t' when it comes to plastic restoration is this one: Do not use heat, heat gun or torches to restore your plastics. The reason that it does not last and over time permanently damages the plastics beyond restoration is because, when you heat up plastic, ALL you're doing is pulling the oils from within the plastic and bringing them to the surface which, in turn, sure.. makes your plastic black again but guess what? Now there are less of those necessary oils inside of the plastic which makes the plastic incredibly brittle and even MORE prone to fading faster!

Guess what else? Those over-the-counter “plastic restorers” are not actually restoring plastics at all. You see, plastics fade and look terrible due to constant exposure to UV lighting and heat from the sun that dries them out. What these over the counter dressings do is hydrate the plastics for the time being. The problem with this is that the results do not last. As soon as it rains you have runny looking plastics that are an absolute eye sore and look worse than the faded plastic did. This leads to constant re-application of the product and a regular chore that is frustrating.

The ONLY way we do plastic restoration at GreenTree is using an amazing product called Solution Finish - the ONLY product on the market that actually adds all of the necessary oils and dyes back into your plastics. This product is super user friendly and easy to apply. The two key things you want to be sure you do are clean the plastics thoroughly and shake the bottle really well. It can be a messy process but I promise you, you have never seen a product like this one.

As always, thanks for reading and if you ever have any questions about detailing please feel free to reach out on any of our platforms. It is our mission and goal to educate our clients and add as much value as we can. We hope you all have an amazing time restoring your plastics!

Best Wishes,

GreenTree Auto Styling


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