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How to properly wash your Microfibers!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Here's a step-by-step manual for you!

  1. Using a dye-free, perfume-free detergent (we use 'ALL Free & Clear'), wash the micros in cold water. (Doesn't have to be freezing but at least colder than room temperature)

  2. After the wash, ensure that the microfibers were rinsed completely and that there is no remaining detergent within them.

  3. Spin Dry(or "Air Fluff") the micros with zero heat.

  4. Hang damp micros to air-dry in a clean environment so that dust and other particulates don't attach themselves to the damp micros.

  5. When you take the micros off of the drying rack, grab two corners of the micro and do a quick snap with them to loosen up the fibers before folding/storing them. (Almost like cracking a whip.. but with two hands.)

  6. Store them in a clean area, folded neatly for when you're ready to use them again!

This method will not affect the performance of the micros and will ensure that they last you as long as possible! Of course, it helps to have quality microfibers in the first place. You may not think there's a difference between cheap ones and professional grade ones but, we can assure, you'll be impressed with the difference once you get some quality microfibers! If you're interested, we sell some!

Best Wishes,

GreenTree Auto Styling


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