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How much is a detail?

One of the most common questions we get asked at GreenTree is “How much is a detail?”

The answer to this question is harder than one would think. How much a detail is can be heavily dependent on many factors. These factors include several things like: type of vehicle, current condition of vehicle, expectation of the client, length of time since the last detail, and the services desired.


Year, make and model of the vehicle matter at GreenTree. The reason they matter is because every vehicle is dramatically different. A Miata has quite a bit less surface area than a Toyota Sienna and every vehicle has different pockets, foldable seats, transforming interiors and other differing factors. There is more to it than that though.. Here at GreenTree, we are not your average detailers. We offer everything from full interior details, to high end services, restoration services, paint correction and Ceramic Coatings. Not everyone wants a $3,000 detail. However, knowing the year, make and model help us know what services that person may or may not be interested in. The odds of Toyota Sienna owner with 4 kids wanting our top end services is pretty slim but, on the other side of the spectrum, a 2022 Corvette client may want the works in terms of perfection and protection.


Current condition of the vehicle is absolutely paramount to know before quoting a detail. Every client has their own idea in their head of what a detail includes. They also have their own idea of what dirty looks like. We detail for all walks of life and some of our clients have OCD when it comes to clean, while others don’t even notice stains because they’ve been there since they purchased the vehicle. This can get difficult when a client compares our services to an express detail shop.. I can assure you the level of service is dramatically different when it comes to passionate detail vs. express detail. This is why we ask several questions and sometimes even ask for photos of the vehicle. It is our goal to put you in the package that suits your wants and needs, not ours. We customize nearly every detail to ensure we are meeting the clients expectation and not just putting them in a box that they are forced to deal with the results of. It is our ultimate goal to meet the expectations that we set for the detail each and every time. There is not a one-size-fits-all with our company because results and expectations matter!


Expectation of the client is a conversation that usually goes hand-in-hand with the current condition of the vehicle. Expectations can drastically change from person to person. There are folks that want a white-glove-style service and others that don’t. It wouldn't make sense for a professional dog walker to pay us to remove ALL of the dog hair from a vehicle that will have 10 dogs in it the next day. On the other side, what if that rig was sold to someone who has an allergic reaction to dog hair and did not realize it until they drove the rig? That is a person who would want a full interior torn out and completely gone-through. The difference between these two levels can be staggering. The soccer mom minivan with 4 kids during sports season may not care one bit about stains but the soccer mom who just sent her last youngest child off to college and also just paid off that soccer mom van may very well want a full restoration detail. You just don’t know until you ask the right questions and listen to your client.


Finally, we talk about length of time between services. Here at GreenTree Auto Styling, it is our main goal and focus to get you on a regular maintenance routine. Whether we do the maintenance or we teach you how to do it, someone has to do it. Vehicles are disgusting places. I know that sounds blunt, but it is true. Most of us sneeze, cough, eat and drink in our cars. That doesn’t even account for the times we walk on surfaces that have bacteria and then bring that back into the car. Women can relate to this next point very well.. Guys have terrible aim when they use the bathroom. They go into a public restroom and it's likely that they are walking on urine. Then, they bring that back into the car with them to let it saturate the carpet. I know this sounds gross, but imagine cleaning it on a daily basis and having people not understand how gross it can truly be. The thing about this is, you cannot see bacteria. You could have nothing on the floors and the vehicle could appear spotless but if it has not been wiped down in 6 months, guess what!? There is bacteria in that car. It’s most heavy in the carpets, on the steering wheel, on the shifter and that nasty KEY FOB! Yes, we clean those too! I told you we are on a different level.(; For these reasons, we have packages that are time-strict. If you have not had your interior detailed in over 4 months, you cannot purchase a Maintenance Interior package.. You must schedule the Full Interior. That Maintenance package is an earned place.

We appreciate each and every one of our clients but also know that not everyone is a client for us. This is exactly why our industry has different segments that break down into Express Detail Shops, Production Detail Shops and High End Detail Shops. One way or another, we will steer you in the right direction, as we are experts in our field. We represent the industry as a whole so, even if you do not choose us, we want you to be happy with your detail, which is why we are always creating educational content like this blog post that you just finished reading!

Best Wishes,

GreenTree Auto Styling


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