IMCA Approved Dirt Track Tires!


Tire Size - G60-15 (Or G60-15 SH)
Tread Width - 8.5"
Approximate Diameter - 26.0" (Or 25.5")
Approximate Circumference - 82.0" (Or 81")
Recommended Rim Width - 8"
Measured Rim Width - 8"
Section Width - 10.75"

Hoosier G60

  • We order these tires by the pallet, so they are pre-order only. You WILL be notified when your order has arrived at our Escanaba location. Please do not expect to place your order and pick up your tires the next day.


    Because of the incredibly limited supply of these tires, Hoosier has only allowed us to sell a certain number of tires at a time. To limit the chance of anyone hoarding the supply of G60's, we have a MAXIMUM order volume of six(6) tires per person! If we receive an order for more than 6 tires, we will cancel the order, refund that customer and require them to place a new order of 6 or less tires.


    If it says "SOLD OUT", please check back in a few days to see if we were granted authorization from Hoosier to order another pallet.


    GreenTree Auto Styling does not offer mounting or balancing of any sort. When ordering these tires, you acknowledge the fact that you will be responsible for getting the tires mounted onto your wheels.