Sedan/SUV/Truck/Van prices not reflected on this web page.
All detailing prices based on compact car needing moderate detailing services.
Prices subject to change after vehicle inspection. 

  • Our Basic Exterior Cleaning

    40 US dollars
  • For those who want to protect and preserve their vehicle

    160 US dollars
  • Brings your dull paint back to life

    200 US dollars
  • Full paint correction

    Contact for quote
  • Maximizes your Wax/Sealants longevity

    25 US dollars
  • Race Trailer need a bath?

    60 US dollars

Our Valet Service is back! As of April 15th, 2021, customers can request for their vehicle to be picked up and dropped off anywhere within a 5 mile radius of our shop, located at 3205 Danforth Road, Escanaba. Our Valet Service is $10 for Pick-up and Drop off, or $5 if you only need the service One-Way. Just add a message at checkout stating "Valet Service - (Insert Address)"